Indian Summer

We had a late summer this year, “Indian summer is  a period of warm weather into September.” The weather was not its usual hot humid self.  On my trip to the East Coast this year I expected the  weather to be cold but Newfoundland and Nova Scotia had temperatures into the high 20’s which is unusual for that time of year.  The rain held up and the scenery was wonderful.  From Auld’s Cove in Cape Breton to Corner Brook, NL.  I had several stops to drop off items to friends and acquaintances along the way.  Items for an auction dropped off in Auld’s Cove and handmade items dropped off in St. Georges NL as well as supplies to make items delivered to Corner Brook.  I was gifted some chago, a fungus that grows on birch trees and is used for cures in various ailments,  I have to see if it helps. Newfoundland was an adventure in itself, particularly Beautiful Bonavista.

Sadness hit us before the trip when my husbands sister in law passed away from an eating disorder.  We dropped in to see my Brother in law which was sad in a way as it took a tragedy for us to spend any time with him and had been 6 years since we had visited.  Spending time in Lunenburg with the family was good for all of us.  I wish I had room in my small cluttered house to bring back more treasures from there.

Remember to spend time with family as you don’t know when it will be the last.


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