Its been a while

I haven’t added anything to my space in a while.  The past year has gone by in a blur.  My oldest granddaughter is a young woman and my youngest has started school.  Where has the time gone. Advertisements

Autumn Equinox

Summer is quickly coming to an end and we are heading to the cool days of Autumn.  I love this time of year as the leaves change to beautiful shades of orange and red.  I am looking forward to this weekend as I am making a drum with my granddaughter Mackayla,  I will try and … More Autumn Equinox

Indian Summer

We had a late summer this year, “Indian summer is  a period of warm weather into September.” The weather was not its usual hot humid self.  On my trip to the East Coast this year I expected the  weather to be cold but Newfoundland and Nova Scotia had temperatures into the high 20’s which is … More Indian Summer

July is ending!

July is almost over and I am still wondering where it went.  The weather is finally hot in Ontario and in 10 short days I will be on my way to Newfoundland with husband, granddaughter and her bff Izzy.  I am not looking forward to the long drive but am looking forward to seeing friends … More July is ending!


We spent this weekend drumming for the “Carabram” festivities at the Canadian Pavilion in Brampton ON, where I live,  There were 4 of us drumming and myself and Maura Tynes attemped the Round Dance for the first time.  We had fun and my wonderful granddaughter Mackayla, was our “roadie” and “photographer”  She did an awesome job!  … More Drumming

Daily Grind

I am sure like me, you have wished for more time in the day. Between work and trying to keep up with housework, plus caring for an active 2 year old grandson most weekends, I have lost the battle. It looks like a giant threw up in my house. I have managed to tame 3 … More Daily Grind

Hello world!

Hello Everyone,  I am new to the blogging world, so please bear with me. I am a grandmother hence the name Nukumi;s space.  Nukumi is the Mik’maq word for grandmother, and I am a Mik’maq grandmother. I have 6 most of the time adorable grandkids.